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Course Authors

Ellen Pao

After 20 years as an entrepreneur and investor, I now run Project Include, a non-profit that uses data-based, practical solutions and recommendations to bring fairness to tech. At Reddit, I was the first major social platform CEO to ban revenge porn, unauthorized nude photos, and cross-platform harassment.

Tracy CHou

I'm a software engineer, diversity advocate, and now founder and CEO of Block Party, building solutions for online harassment. I was previously an engineer with Pinterest, Quora, and the US Digital Service, and I'm most well known for my work getting tech companies to release their diversity data.

Camilla Guo

I'm head of Product at Arist (YC S20), and love to build technology that makes space for conversations. I'm currently a rising junior at Pomona College studying Computer Science and Art.

About the Curriculum

True diversity means stronger teams, better financial returns, inclusive products, and a more innovative world. By targeting startup founders and founding teams, we can accelerate meaningful, enduring diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

With that in mind, this course is practical and aimed very specifically at instructing startup teams (and specifically their leaders) on how they can start prioritizing DEI sooner rather than later.

Day TopicPreview
1Let's start with our stories. 👩🏻Hi, I'm Ellen. In 2012 I sued my then employer and VC Kleiner Perkins for gender discrimination. In 2015 I lost that court battle, and it remains a landmark trial because these cases are usually "settled" out of court. In 2015, 👩🏻💻Tracy wrote a Medium article that held companies accountable for real diversity numbers. At the time, every company had some way of hiding or muddling the data on women actually in engineering roles.🎙️Along this timeline, diversity became a beat in tech....
2What does success look like?💡You may think, "But I'm not racist or sexist, so there really isn't any more work for me to do." This is the result of using D&I to feel good about yourself, instead of...
3"It's hard to measure at this stage."⏪Yesterday we talked about success in diversity being a continuum of improvement, not a checkbox. However, be wary of using this as an excuse to not have real, measurable goals...
4"No women that I know have had this experience"🧪 Having a small headcount != a dearth of diversity data. Experiment first with questions, before jumping to solutions. After discovering the fact that only 1 out of every 8 founders in YC is a woman, don't...
5"It's a pipeline problem" 🙅🏽Not being top of the funnel doesn't absolve you of responsibility, right? Sales doesn't get to clock out early when Marketing does a poor job...
6Who do you want to 10x if you succeed? 🧢Look at your cap table. One of the points we have been making since day 1 is that you can only manage what you measure...
7What does it mean to be a problem solver? ♻️Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. If you're not embarrassed by your first attempt, you tried too late. Sound familiar? All of these nuggets of wisdom apply to your...
8Business vs. Moral incentives🎭Should you incentivize DEI efforts on your team with fear about the negative repercussions of not having any DEI training, or are there actual business advantages that are compelling? ...
9Recap before 5 days of actions🔒 No Preview Available 🔒
10Start building your network🔒 No Preview Available 🔒
11Write a Code of Conduct🔒 No Preview Available 🔒
12Follow these POC leaders on Social Media🔒 No Preview Available 🔒
13Transparency = Intellectual Honesty🔒 No Preview Available 🔒
14What's next?🔒 No Preview Available 🔒

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